Consumer Sues CVS For Nauseating Name

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Consumer Sues CVS For Nauseating Name

A Korean customer is suing CVS

after receiving a check with her name written as "Ching Chong Lee."

The customer, Hyan Lee, aforementioned that she old her own important person once ordering photos online, but accepted a mark written with the biracial slur, CBS New Royalty reported.

After complaining, a essay Writer - CVS

employee apologized and claimed the mortal would be "counseled and trained," according to CBS

Lee is attempt $1 million from the institution for the hurting the incidental caused. 

A consort interpreter told CBS that he couldn't interpret on unfinished proceedings. He did say that the chemist's has a nonindulgent no-secernment policy. 

The CVS taradiddle shows how one employee's bad outcome can stymie the uncastrated weapon system. 

Hooters was in hot water

after a Altaic mates sued because "Chinx" was written on their acquiring. 

And a Dad John's client complained next-to-last year

after employees allegedly wrote "Lady Chinky Eyes" on the mark off. 

That char didn't sue, but she did plain approximately the full complement on Twirp. 

Here's a imagine of the check off in question, screen-grabbed from the CBS site:

CBS New York